Anja Boisen, Professor, Head of Centre

Anja Boisen

What I do: I am the leader of the IDUN Center. This means that I am the contact person for our sponsors and responsible for budget and the overall scientific progress. I supervise PhD students, mentor postdocs, explore new ways of managing a larger center and look for additional funding. I also spend some time on networking, presenting our cool science at conferences and outreach. I am a member of the board of Innovation Fund Denmark and the Villum Foundation.

Where to find me: office 123E, building 345C

How to reach me:

Kristoffer Almdal, Professor

Kristoffer Almdal

What I do: Projects as of April 2017: synthesis of block copolymers and self-organization of these on surfaces for nanostructuring; hydrogen peroxide sensing in biological systems; interfaces in polymer matrix composites, dental composites, synthesis of branched molecules for extensional rheology experiments; use of microsensors in characterizing polymers (IDUN). Se also

Where to find me: Building 423, office 224

How to reach me:

Jenny Emnéus, Professor

Jenny Emneus

How to reach me:

Jan Larsen, Professor

Jan Larsen

What I do: I conduct research and teaching in data science with the ambition is to create cognitive systems  that understand the world, facilitate natural human interaction, and enhance quality of life. The research focuses on combining machine learning, signal processing, and cognitive systems with application to sensor data, audio, multimedia, monitoring, biomedical, data/web-mining, and pattern recognition.

Where to find me: DTU Compute, Building 321, room 015

How to reach me:

Thomas Rades, Professor Dr. Dr. h.c.

Thomas Rades

What I do: Pharmaceutical design and drug delivery; enabling formulations for poorly water soluble drugs; amorphous drugs and drug delivery systems, co-amorphous systems, lipid based drug delivery systems, nanoparticle systems for vaccine delivery  

Where to find me: University of Copenhagen, Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences,Department of Pharmacy, Universitetsparken 2, Building 13, rm. 709

How to reach me:

Anette Müllertz, Professor  

Anette Mullertz

What I do: Oral drug delivery; in vitro models of the gastro-intestinal tract (dissolution, digestion, transport through mucus and cell cultures); lipid-based & amorphous drug delivery systems; preclinical pharmaco-kinetic studies (rats).

Where to find me: University of Copenhagen (UCPH), Faculty of Health & Medical Sciences, Department of Pharmacy, Universitetsparken 2, 2100 Copenhagen Ø. Building 13, 7th floor, room 708. 

How to reach me: / tel. +45 2062 0154

Jukka Rantanen, Professor, section head of the Pharmaceutical Technology and Engineering Section (KU-PHARMA).

Jukka Rantanen

Where to find me: Universitetsparken 2, building 13, room 710

How to reach me: 

Mads Peter Sørensen, Professor mso

Mads Peter Sørensen

What I do: Research on nonlinear dynamics and industrial mathematics. Focus is on nonlinear partial differential equations, solitons and reaction diffusion problems. The applications encompass modelling with finite elements, physics, nonlinear optics, superconductivity, fluid dynamics, insulin producing beta cells and nonlinear pattern forming in reaction diffusion equations.

Where to find me: Building 303B, room 001

How to reach me:

Tommy S. Alstrøm, Senior Researcher

Tommy Sonne Alstrøm

What I do: I work in the IDUN sensor project on statistical learning and data processing. As of spring 2017, I work primarily with three tasks, 1) developing a new method for processing surface enhanced Raman data for very low concentrations (related to SENS1 WP), 2) assisting with design of experiments and how to analyze the data and interpret the results, 3) signal processing of IR spectroscopy data (related to SENS5 WP). On the horizon is the analysis and segmentation of medical image data (DRUG7 WP)

Where to find me: Building 321 / room 005, and on Fridays and Tuesdays before lunch building 345B, room 153.

How to reach me:

Martin Dufva, Associate Professor

Martin Dufva

What I do: Advanced cell culture models, cells analysis, high throughput technologies, high throughput screening

Where to find me: 423/024

How to reach me:

Nazila Kamaly, Assoicate Professor

Nazila Kamaly

What I do: Our highly multidisciplinary research focuses on the development of next-generation targeted controlled release polymeric nanomedicines for chronic inflammatory diseases. We use a bioinspired approach to create multi-functional nanoparticles capable of changing their surface or core properties in response to local up-regulated disease markers for more effective and stimuli-responsive drug delivery. We deliver a range of potent biologic therapeutics from enzymes, proteins and peptides. We are also interested in using innate biological pathways to explore oral delivery of nanoparticles.

Where to find me:
DTU Nanotech, building 423, room 004

How to reach me:

Stephan Sylvest Keller, Associate Professor

Stephan Keller

What I do: I am head of the Biomaterial Microsystems (BioMic) group where we focus on the development of new microfabrication strategies for applications in life science. More specifically, methods such as hot embossing, photolithography, spray coating or pyrolysis are used for fabrication of sensors, drug delivery devices and scaffolds for tissue engineering with biopolymers and carbon.

Where to find me: DTU Nanotech, building 345B, room 147

How to reach me:

Tomas Rindzevicius, Senior Researcher

Tomas Rindzevicius

What I do: I work with Raman spectroscopy, surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy (SERS), plasmomechanics, photothermal spectroscopy. My background is nanoplasmonics and SERS-based detection of various target molecules. I also work on new Raman and SERS measurement tools.

Where to find me: Technical University of Denmark, Dept. of Micro- and Nanotechnology, Ørsteds Plads, building 345B, room 156.

How to reach me:

Michael Stenbæk Schmidt, Senior Researcher

Michael S. Schmidt

What I do: Fabrication of various micro and nanostructures primarily used for Surface Enhanced Raman sensing but also for super hydrophobic surfaces, photovoltaics, and electrodes. Mainly using silicon but also starting to use polymers more.

Where to find me: Building 345B, office 153

How to reach me:

En Te Hwu, Associate Professor


Project: IDUN Drug/IDUN Sensor/MIMIO

Position: Associate Professor

What I do: Centrifugal microfluidics platform/Drug delivery/Microscale 3D printing/Scanning probe microscopy related developments. Repurposing CD/DVD/Blu-ray drives for biomedical sensing.

Where I am: office 112, building 345C

How to reach me:

I can help You with: Nanoscale characterization (Atomic force microscope), Nanoscale actuation (custom made Nanopositioners), Precision system design/integration/consulting, Start-up mentoring, Mechatronics developments

Sanjukta Bose Goswami, Postdoctoral Researcher

Sanjukta Bose Goswami

What I do: I work with polymer characterization specially thermal and degradation behavior of polymers by using micromechanical resonators. Drug-polymer matrix and release properties depending on their interactions.

Where to find me: 345C, 101F

How to reach me:

Peter Emil Larsen, Postdoctoral Researcher

Peter Emil Larsen

What I do: I design, fabricate, characterize and use hollow micro resonators as sensors. This enables high precision measurements of liquids, and biological samples in vitro. These resonators can be used to measure viscosity, density, buoyant mass and (IR) absorption of pico liters of sample.

Where to find me: Nanotech, Building 345B, 161

How to reach me:



Line Hagner Nielsen, Postdoctoral Researcher

Line Hagner Nielsen

What I do: Drug formulations especially for oral delivery, drug delivery systems (including microcontainers), vaccine formulations, in vitro testing (drug dissolution, solid state characterization and cell cultures) and in vivo studies in animals.  

Where to find me: Building 345C, office 115

How to reach me:

Ritika Singh Petersen, Postdoctoral Researcher

Ritika Singh Petersen

Project title: Fabrication of biodegradable microcontainers for oral drug delivery

What I do: I have an extensive microfabrication background and I apply that experience in fabricating microcontainers in biocompatible and biodegradable polymers for oral drug delivery applications. I also load drug or drug-polymer matrices in microcontainers using microfabrication techniques.

Where to find me: Building 345B, room 149

How to reach me:

Kaiyu Wu, Postdoctoral Researcher

Kaiyu Wu

What I do: Experimental and Theoretical Nanoplasmonics, Electromagnetic Simulations, Surface-enhanced Spectroscopies (Raman and Fluorescence), Nanofabrication (Lithography-free)

Where to find me: 345B, 151

How to reach me:

Kinga Zór, Senior Researcher

Kinga Zor

What I do: Sensor and (cell-based) assay development and application

Where to find me: Building 345C, room 101E

How to reach me:

Oleksii Ilchenko, Postdoc


What I do:

Where to find me: Building 345B, room 156

How to reach

Zarmeena Abid, PhD Student

Zarmeena Abid 

Project title
: Fabrication of biodegradable microcontainers for oral drug delivery

Supervisors: Stephan S. Keller, Ritika S. Petersen and Anja Boisen

What I do: Investigating an optimal method for fabrication of microcontainers with biocompatible materials. The microfabrication methods for the biodegradable containers have to be simple, reliable and should be able to produce large amounts of devices for required drug testing. Currently, the embossing is being investigated as a fabrication method (hot punching).

Where to find me: 345B, rum 146

How to reach me:, Mobile: +45 27573248

Sophie Strindberg Andersen, PhD Student

Sophie Strindberg Andersen

Project title: “In vitro, in situ and in vivo evaluation of microcontainers in oral drug delivery”

Supervisors: Anette Müllertz, Thomas Rades, Line Hagner Nielsen, Anja Boisen

What I do: I develop in vivo, in situ and ex vivo models for evaluating the microcontainers in biological environments. I right now validate in situ intestinal perfusion studies on rats with supersaturated drugs, with the purpose to later test various sizes, materials and coatings of microcontainers by using the in situ perfusion model in rats. I also mean to test biodegradable microcontainers in vivo by oral dosing to rats.

Where to find me: Office 13-534, Department of Pharmacy, Copenhagen University. Universitetsparken 2, 2100 Copenhagen Ø.

How to reach me:

Lina Gruzinskyte, PhD Student

Lina Gruzinskyte

Project title: Inline detection of drug transport in mucus secreting cell models

Supervisors: Anette Müllertz, Thomas Rades, Kinga Zor, Lasse Saaby

What I do: (Super-short description of activities, 1-3 lines) I am developing mucus producing intestinal cell model in flow that will act as sensing platform based on surface-enhanced Raman scattering and used to assess drug transport

Where I am: (office) University of Copenhagen, Faculty of Health & Medical Sciences, Department of Pharmacy, Universitetsparken 2, 2100 Copenhagen Ø. Building 13, 5th floor, room 534. 

How to reach me:

I can help You with: (Main methods/equipment, key words)

Morten Leth Jepsen, PhD Student

Morten Jepsen

Project title: Drug transport in in vitro intestine models

Supervisors: Martin Dufva, Line Hagner Nielsen, and Anja Boisen

What I do: I am developing an intestinal cell model with focus on imitating in vivo intestinal function. This will be used for studying drug transport rates and effects.

Where to find me: room 118, building 345 C, Ørsteds Plads, 2800 Kgs. Lyngby

How to reach me:

Jacob Rune Jørgensen, PhD Student

Jacob Rune Jørgensen

Project title: Oral Delivery of Peptides and Proteins by use of Microcontainers.

Supervisors: Anette Müllertz, Thomas Rades, Line Hagner Nielsen, Hanne Mørck Nielsen.

What I do: Exploring the feasibility of using microcontainers for oral peptide and protein delivery. My focus is on designing dry powder formulations with insulin and relevant excipients such as permeation enhancers. Formulations showing potential by physiologically relevant in vitro models will be further evaluated by PK/PD studies in rats.

Where to find me: Pharmaceutical Design and Drug Delivery, University of Copenhagen, Universitetsparken 2, 2100 Copenhagen Ø, Building: 13-5-534.

How to reach me:

Maximilian Karl, PhD Student

Maximilian Karl

Project title: Micromechanical Thermal Analysis of Amorphous Pharmaceuticals

Supervisors: Thomas Rades, Peter Emil Larsen, Annette Müllertz, Jukka Rantanen

What I do: I am developing a thermal analysis method for resonating string sensors. The aim is to create a setup that increases sensitivity, improves the sampling process and reduces the needed sample size compared to conventional methods (DSC, DMA), as well as creating new insight into the physicochemical properties of amorphous pharmaceuticals.

Where to find me: 158

How to reach me:

Christoffer von Halling Laier, PhD Student

Christoffer von Halling Laier

Project title: Microcontainers for oral vaccine delivery

Supervisors: Line Hagner Nielsen, Thomas Rades, Anja Boisen

What I do: I test the microcontainer system for use as an oral delivery system for vaccines. To do this, I spray dry a model vaccine system consisting of liquid crystal lipid nanoparticles containing antigen and adjuvant. The dry powder vaccine is filled into microcontainers which are sealed with a pH sensitive polymer lid. The vaccine is characterized in vitro and the full system tested in vivo in mice.

Where to find me: DTU Nanotech, Building 345C room 151

How to reach me:

Nguyen Quang Long, PhD Student

Long Quang Nguyen

Project title: Carbon based microsystems

Supervisors: Stephan Sylvest Keller, Anja Boisen and Peter Emil Larsen

What I do: The main goal of my project is design, fabricate and characterize the MEMS string resonators based on pyrolytic carbon. The pyrolytic carbon materials also is optimized for the resonators based on the applications. Furthermore, the pyrolytic carbon string resonators will be used for cell-drug applications.

Where to find me: Room 148, Building 345B,

How to reach me:

 Chiara Mazzoni, PhD Student

Chiara Mazzoni

Project title: Loading of microcontainers for oral drug delivery

Supervisors: Prof. Anja Boisen

What I do: I’m looking for reproducible and scalable techniques for loading microcontainers taking care to the stability of the drug. It means: find a technique that can allow us to load the microcontainers in an easy and versatile way. 

Where I am: DTU, Nanotech, Building 345C room 114

How to reach me: 

Mette Dalskov Mosgaard, PhD student

Mette Mosgaard

Project title: Mucoadhesive microcontainers for oral drug delivery

Supervisors: Alina Joukainen Andersen, Anette Müllertz and Anja Boisen

What I do: I am developing mucoadhesive microcontainers for oral drug delivery. This implies the development of models to evaluate mucoadhesion and the use of mucoadhesive polymers to control unidirectional drug release directly into the mucus layer.

Where to find me: DTU Nanotech, building 345C, room 109

How to reach me:

Peter Okeyo, PhD Student

Peter Okeyo

Project title: Structural aspects of hydrates

Supervisors: Prof. Jukka Rantanen, Prof. Thomas Rades, Dr. Peter. E. Larsen

What I do:I work on developing string sensors that can be used in order to obtain a molecular level understanding of hydrate formation and dehydration of small organic molecules. This includes obtaining chemical and mechanistic properties of such molecules.

Where to find me: Department of Micro- and Nanotechnology, Ørsteds Plads, Building 345C, room 158, 2800 Kgs. Lyngby, Denmark

How to reach me:

Varadarajan P. Rangacharya, PhD Student

Varadarajan Rangacharya

Project title: Micro- and nanomechanical string resonators with plasmonic probes

Supervisors: Anja Boisen, Tomas Rindzevicius, Peter Emil Larsen

What I do: Study of light-matter interaction by integrating plasmonic structures into nanomechanical string resonators by using various fabrication techniques

Where to find me: Room 117, Building 345C, Ørsteds Plads, 2800 Kgs. Lyngby

How to reach me:

Fabio Tentor, PhD Student

Fabio Tentor

Project title: Novel approaches to targeted oral drug delivery using microcontainers

Supervisors: Anja Boisen, Sanjukta Bose-Goswami, Kristoffer Almdal

What I do: The aim of the project is to develop novel targeting approaches that could be exploited in oral drug delivery. The usage of microcontainers is one of the focal points of this work, besides I focus on the science of these novel approaches as well, studying how to target inflammatory site in the intestine.

Where to find me: Building 345C, room 114

How to reach me:

Sriram Thoppe Rajendran, PhD Student

Sriram Thoppe Rajendran 

Project title:
Sensors on a disc

Supervisors: Anja Boisen, Kinga Zór and Tomas Rindzevicius

What I do: Development of centrifugal microfluidic platform for online monitoring of drug release across intestinal tissues/ cell layers using electrochemistry and surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy (SERS).

Where to find me: Room 110, 345C

How to reach me:

Lukas Vaut, PhD student

Lukas Vaut

Project title: Additive Manufacturing and Characterization of Mini-Devices for Oral Drug Delivery

Supervisors: Kristian E. Jensen, Guido Tosello, Anja Boisen

What I do: I am using 3D printing technology to print microcontainers with different geometries in order to optimize their drug delivery performance. Furthermore, I am developing a fluidic test system to characterize the printed microcontainers with respect to their flow behavior in an intestine-like environment to assess their suitability as an oral drug delivery system.

Where to find me: Bygning 345C, rum 117

How to reach me:

Marlitt Viehrig,  PhD Student

Marlitt Viehrig

Project title: Development of Surface-Enhanced Raman Scattering Sensors

Supervisors: Anja Boisen, Michael S. Schmidt, Tomas Rindzevicius

What I doI develop sensing platform(s) based on surface-enhanced Raman scattering (SERS) for real time analysis of cellular communication and other biomedical applications. For that I explore a variety of technological adjustments of nanopillar surfaces in silicon and polymer, biorelevant media and possible bioanalytes.

Where to find me: DTU Nanotech, Building 345C, Room 109

How to reach 

Maximilian Vording, PhD Student

Maximilian Vording

Project title: PhD Project in Active Deep Learning for Nano Sensor Systems

Supervisors: Professor, Jan Larsen and Senior Researcher, Tommy Sonne Alstrøm

What I do: I will be improving optimal experimental design and hypothesis testing for sensor development through more data efficient deep neural network models and novel active learning methods.

Where to find me: No office yet

How to reach me:

Laura Serioli, PhD Student

Laura Serioli 

Project title: Sensor on disc

Supervisors: Anja Boisen, Kinga Zór and Tomas Rindzevicius.

What I do: Development of centrifugal microfluidic platform for long term cell culture and antibiotics testing. Optical and electrochemical detection techniques will be employed to investigate cell growth, differentiation or death while optomagnetic detection will be used for the detection of the released, secreted compounds and biomarkers.

Where I am: DTU Nanotech, building 345 C, room 107.

How to reach me:

I can help You with: Centrifugal microfluidics, Micro and Nano-fabrication, Bacteria/cell culture on disc, Antibiotics resistance.

Roman Slipets, PhD Student

Roman Slipets 

Project title: Development of highly sensitive Raman spectroscopy system for monitoring of multicomponent drug mixtures in the ppm concentration range

Supervisors: Anja Boisen, Oleksii Ilchenko

What I do:

Where to find me: DTU Nanotech, Building 345C, Room 107

How to reach me:

Coordinator & technical staff

Lasse Thamdrup, Micro and Nanofabrication specialist

Lasse Thamdrup

What I do: I have extensive experience and empirical knowledge on most aspects regarding the fabrication and characterization of functional micro- and nanostructures ranging from conventional Si processing to mass-production methods such as injection molding. I will be working on the production of novel containers for oral drug delivery.

Where I am: Building 345C, office 108

How to reach me:

I can help You with: Cleanroom work (most equipment), process development and optimization.

 Sanne Enok Lauridsen, Scientific coordinator


hat I do: I am coordinating the IDUN project (and the Nanoprobes group). This means planning, handling and facilitating all meetings and workshops, coordinating and collecting all reporting to the Foundations and a lot of other tasks.  

Where to find me: DTU Nanotech, building 345C, room 123F

How to reach me:
23 OCTOBER 2018